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Enjoying the Thanksgiving Holiday Season

Happenings at West Hills during the Thanksgiving Holiday Season are making us really happy. We love living in Oregon, and I think our art shows our style very well.

Bulldog and teapot
Stanley loves art

We just finished showing our work at a local holiday bazaar at McNary High School in Keizer, Oregon. It's an annual event and Jason's mom has participated in it for several years. This year was the first one that we had our own booth.

It's been interesting to see how our art has developed over the last year. Jason has been enjoying making teapots lately, and they are phenomenal. He is clearly very talented with ceramics.

Both of us feel like we are finding our voice with art over time. We make things we like and we don't hesitate to try new things. Sometimes that work, and sometiems it doesn't.

I am really enjoying working with reclaimed wood, and I like to let the wood tell me what it wants to be. I love the rescue of a messed up piece and making something beautiful. I like things to have a handmade feel, and I love not having to be perfect with my art because it's mine. Here'a recent piece I made that I absolutely love. I love woodburning, but laser is not my thing, I like to do it the old school way and then I added a hint of color.

Reclaimed Christmas Tree Wall Art
Rustic Reclaimed Wood Art

We love showing and sharing our art together. It is truly a gift to enjoy this passion together, yet separately. Thank you for checking it out!

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