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Thanksgiving Art at West Hills Studio

Fall Trendy Home Decor
Grateful Season 11 x 14

We have been busy working in our studio this month and focusing on Thanksgiving art. We are getting ready to attend the McNary High School Holiday Bazaar. Jason's mom has been a participant and vendor at this event for several years now. Last year we took a few items of our own to add to her booth and we had so much fun that we decided to get our own booth this year.

I have been in a graphic art mode for a little while and I have a few Thanksgiving pieces that I'll be offering. It so happens that the fall and Thanksgiving colors go really well with our overall theme. We really like rustic, boho, farmhouse style and it comes through in all of our pieces, no matter what time of year.

I also like to make pieces that reflect how I'm feeling at the time I am creating them. I am extra grateful now, so every season is Grateful Season for me. I hope that wherever these pieces end up it reminds the purchaser of gratitude. I need those daily reminders in my life. It's so easy to get negative or cynical, and I find it's easier to do the older I get. When I focus on things I am grateful for, I am more peaceful and loving, which is who I want to be as a person.

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