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Why We Love Art & Making Time to Create

Rustic Holiday Decor
Reclaimed Rustic Holiday Decor

There are a million reasons why we love art. I'd like to tell you about how we got started on this West Hills Studio Adventure. Jason made pottery many years ago when he was a college student and then as life and marriage, family, jobs, homes, and the regular responsibilities of life came into play, pottery left the scene.

We have had a great life together thus far, raising our family and now the kids are grown up, we are settled in the home of our dreams, and we work at our own business every day - shout out to Denwerks Vintage Cars, which is our car business. It's really fun, if you like old cars, check it out.

Fast forward 30 years, and I bought Jason a birthday gift of pottery studio time for a month at the Hopewell Hub. He loved it so much that he bought a pottery wheel. He is incredibly talented, and I am amazed at the creations he makes on the wheel. The picture below is a recent piece he made, and the speckled green glaze is a new favorite of his.

Gift for Art Collector

Meanwhile, I wanted to enjoy some art with him, but didn't know what to do. I randomly thought of wood burning, which I had never done before. I bought a small kit on Amazon and I had some old wood around. I was instantly in love with the craft. It's an easy craft to learn, and it fit my style well. I like rustic, down home, and simple designs. I haven't stopped working with wood, and I love anything that involves pictures, wood art, and words. This is our second holiday season selling our wares.

We make art for the enjoyment of it. We love sharing the creations we make, and the greatest hope is that they find a home with those who will appreciate them as much as we do when we make them. The addition of art in our lives has been a welcome addition. Even though we don't really have the time, we make the time. Sometimes the art keeps us up late at night, new ideas dreamed up and we can't wait to get out to the studio to make more pieces.

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and are enjoying sharing it with loved ones too.

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