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This is a West Hills Studio hand thrown pottery jar by Jason.   This is a Jar, with tree branch and wire handle.  This was hand thrown on our Pottery Wheel.  Chocolate Clay, I love working with this clay honestly.  I apply Sodium Silicate  to it, while it was in cylinder form, then torched with a flame.  Then I pushed out from the inside while turning with is hands, creating this beautiful cracking on of the surface.  Pottery is all hand made, fired in our Kiln, and finished here in our West Hills Studio.   


This is Cone 6 Chocalte Clay with Georgies White Matte Glaze, hand signed by Artist on the bottom. Handle was also made on the Pottery Wheel, along with the lid. Handle is made of a small wooden branch from a local treee, and metal wire connecting it to the teapot.  If you watch the video, it will give you an idea of the size, its a beautiful and unique vase.


We live in the wine country in Oregon, in the Willamette Valley, in the Yamhill/Polk County. The PNW is beautiful come visit sometime.   We have a mixed media art studio at our home, were we do ceramics, wood and metal art. We also enjoy our Family Farm, with Scottish highland cattle, Donkeys, and much more.     Thank you for visiting our site.  

Japanese Jar Pottery Wheel Thrown Sodium Silicate Crackle with Wood and Metal

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