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Hello!  A West Hills Studio original cutting board.  If you want to be fancy, you can use it as a charcuterie board too or for serving.  I rescued this piece of wood that was destined for the burn pile.  I used my Milwaukee hand router and the chamfer bit to make a curved edge on it.  Then I burned in a custom flower design or sun design on the corner using my Wandart woodburning tool.  On this one I used the ball tip because it gives really nice texture to the woodburning.  Laser woodburning is usually super crisp, but I do prefer hand burning.  


Then I sanded the wood to 320 grit so it was nice and smooth.  Then I added 3 coats of Watco butcher block oil and stain.  It's one of my favorite products and it really highlights the natural grain of the wood and the perfections and imperfections it has.  Finally, I used a food safe wood wax to finish it.  


For care, I would not put this in the dishwasher.  I would handwash and keep some butcher block oil on hand and you can re-oil it every so often as needed.  


This one I made to be a nice handmade kitchen cooking gift for your home or a gift for you to give away.  


Here's a little about us:


We are West Hills Studio, and we live in Rural Oregon.  West Hills Studio is my husband Jason, and me, Leslie.  We both love a variety of art forms, ceramics, wood art, furniture, wood burning (also known as pyrography), and we like to including living things, like plants into our art as well.  We are also interested in reclaimed items.  


Jason loves ceramics, so any pottery you see is usually made by him, and I, Leslie, like to work with wood.  


We live on 10 acres with 2 Scottish Highland cows, 2 donkeys, an English Bulldog, and a few fluffy house cats.  If you enjoy our art, you can see our creative process at our website and on Instagram where we post about our life in the country, and our creative process.

Kitchen Wooden Cutting Board for Serving West Hills Studio

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